8th Grade Teachers

Use the links below to contact our teachers or access their websites. To contact teachers via e-mail, click the links below or email teachers using their First initial + Last name @ abschools.org  e.g. jsmith@abschools.org.

8 Blue
Team Homework Calendar

Carol Watson, French and Spanish
Room 604

Jennifer Vacca, English
Room 605

Michael Balulescu, Social Studies
Room 327

Sue Ropiak, Math
Room 602

Brandy Schmirer, Science
Room 318

Katelyn McGowan, Counseling

Nicholas Champagne, Special Education
Room 325

Kristin Kelley, Special Education
Room 508

8 Red
Team Homework Calendar

Matt Wirzburger, Spanish
Room 308

Tim Malloy, English
Room 201

Kellie Carter, Social Studies
Room 311

Erica Wright, Math
Room 309

Andrew Thompson, Science
Room 307

Michelle Van Vleck, Counseling

Denis Reedy, Special Education
Room 203

Jillian Cannon, Special Education
Room 200

Kerry Byrne, Special Education
Room 200
8 Gold
Team Homework Calendar

Pam Reeves, French and Spanish
Room 608

Vicki Weeks, English
Room 606

Rebecca Mazonson, Social Studies
Room 607

Phil Stameris, Math
Room 603

Mae Shoemaker, Science
Room 601

Katelyn McGowan, Counseling

Karoly Baglio, Special Education
Room 613

Mary Karamourtopoulos, ELL
Room 501
Website - e-mail


Chris Charig, Music
Chorus Room

Mark Hickey, Band Director
Band Room

Katherine Greene, String Ensemble

Louisa Latham, Digital Literacy
Room 305

Andrew Patenaude, Minuteman Tech
Room 507

Holly Vlajinac, Art
Room 629

Cheryl Miller, Drama
Band Room

Jocelyn Charpentier, Library

8 Green
Team Homework Calendar

Kate Mateos, Spanish
Room 408

Debbie Ahl, English
Room 406

Valery Glod, Social Studies
Room 409

Joyce Kelly, Math
Room 407

Sara O'Neal, Science
Room 405

Michelle Van Vleck, Counseling

Maureen Lin, Special Education
Room 402

Mary Karamourtopoulos, ELL
Room 501
Website - e-mail

Phys Ed/Wellness

Jake Bersin, Physical Education

Tom Kamataris, Physical Education

Brenna Watson, Physical Education

Deb Rimpas, Health
Room 503

Beth Viscardi, Health
Room 625

Support Services

Tara Kirousis, Special Education
Educational Team Leader (ETL)

Liz Walker, ASC
Room 103

Joan Celebi, Reading
Room 316

Kristin Yargeau, Speech and Language
Room 300-4

Kate Ingles, Speech and Language
Room 508

Lena Jarostchuk, Registrar

Dr. Rick Cowen, School Psychologist

Cristina Jonson, School Psychologist