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R.J. Grey After-School Clubs 

*the below descriptions are now reflective of the 2019-2020 school year offerings and meeting times

R.J. Grey offers several after-school clubs. This list varies every year based on the interests of students and the availability of club advisors. Some clubs meet for only part of the year. Most clubs begin shortly after dismissal and end by 3:45 pm. Students should listen to morning announcements for up-to-date information regarding these clubs and should always make arrangements ahead of time for transportation home.

                                                                                                                                                         Anime Club

Advisor: Ms. O’Neal (8 Green)

  • Anime Club meets every other week on Wednesdays, 2:40-3:40 in Room 405.
  • Anime Club is for students interested in Anime, manga, and other aspects of Japanese culture. We view Anime TV shows and movies, as well as read and draw manga comics. We are welcoming to anime "experts" as well as those who have just begun their journey into the world of anime and manga. Membership is not limited to those who can attend on a frequent basis.

Badminton Club

Advisor:  Mr. Kamataris (Phys Ed)

  • Club meets every Thursday from 2:45-3:30 in the small gym.
  • This club is open to all students, all levels.
  • Bring your own rackets if you have them.
  • See you at our first meeting on Thursday September 12th!

Book Club 

Advisor: Ms. Charpentier (Library)

  • Book Club will meet four times over the course of the year. 
  • The first meeting will be a meet and greet on Wednesday, September 18th from 2:45pm-3:30pm in room 103.
  • The second meeting is Nov. 20th. We will be reading Ghost by Jason Reynolds

Common Ground

Advisor: Mr. Lewis (7 Gold) 

  • Meets the first and third Wednesday of each month from 2:45-3:45pm in Room 313
  • Common Ground is  RJ Grey’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance, or GSA
  • If you are looking for a safe place to be with and make new friends who share your interest in promoting acceptance and respect for LGBTQ members of our school community and those who support them, then this club is for you! 
  • Common Ground brings together LGBTQ and straight students to support one another and talk about issues that are important to them. 

Cooking Club

Advisors: Ms. Deb Rimpas, Ms. Jean Tibbetts and Ms. Kirsten Nelson

  • Cooking Club will be offered in the winter months
  • Announcements about sign-up will be made in mid December
  • Two, one month groups will be offered
  • All cooking levels accepted
  • Club will meet from 2:45-4:30 PM in the RJ Grey Kitchen, once a week on Friday afternoons

Creating Change: R.J. Grey Art & Community Service Club

Advisor: Ms. Vlajinac (Visual Arts)

  • Creating Change will regularly meet every other week on Tuesdays, 2:45-3:45 in Room 629. During the year, there may be times when we meet more frequently due to different events we plan. Attendance will be flexible.
  • Creating Change is a club that focuses on community service through art making.  This club is open to students of all art ability levels. Our hope is to use and develop our art making skills while we make a difference in our R.J. Grey community and beyond.
  • Possible project ideas could include making mobiles for the pediatric department at Acton Medical, creating collaborative artwork for R.J. Grey and holding other fundraising events to benefit a charity of the club’s choosing.

Creative Writing Club

Advisor: Ms. Scalice (7Gold)

  • Meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month from 2:45 to 3:45 in Ms. Scalice’s room: 404
  • This is a club for any student who likes to write creatively in any form.
  • The club will provide a safe and fun place for students to find inspiration for their writing as well as work on their own ideas, seek feedback from others if they want it or just write independently.

Current Events Club

Advisor: Ms. Carter (8 Red - Room 311) 

  • Do you follow the news and are interested in learning about the world around you?  The Current Events Club will watch news clip, games and videos about what's currently going on in politics and society today.  There will be discussions and online games. This is a club where you will have some input into what our focus will be for each meeting.  
  • Meetings begin at 2:45 and end at 3:45 on every other Tuesday
  • Beginning September 17th.

Tech Club

Advisor: Mr. Patenaude & Mr. Watkins

  • Meet on every Friday in room 507 from 2:40-3:40. First meeting will be September 20
  • Students will use engineering to help solve community-based issues and problems.
  • The club is very hands-on and is guided by the students' interest.

Fit Club

Instructor:  Shane Lazar

  • Meetings are on Fridays, starting on September 20 and go through December 13 in the RJ Grey Gymnasium, from 3:00-4:00pm.
  • Participants will need to bring a water bottle, and a 5 lb weight if they have one
  • See Mrs. Frey in the Main Office to sign up

French Club

Advisor: Madame Gilfix (7 Green)

  • Monthly meetings, usually on Thursdays from 2:40 to 4:30 in Room 315
  • First meeting Thursday, September 19
  • Activities may include celebrating French holidays, playing French games, watching movies, eating French food, and working on French related arts and crafts.
  • Sign up on Mrs. Gilfix's website

Green Team

Advisor:  Mrs. Bouchard (7 Blue)

  • Meetings will be on Friday from 2:36-3:45pm in Room 505 (end time will be in the announcement and depends on the activities we do that week).
  • The Green Team is a student group focused on environmental issues, with an emphasis on saving resources through recycling and energy conservation efforts. TOPICS and ACTIVITIES include:
  • composting and recycling in the cafe
  • removing invasive species in the "outdoor classroom" across Charter Rd
  • single stream recycling 
  • helping come up with ways to save energy and resources in our school
  • other topics based on student interest
  • Check out our website at

Games Club

Advisor:  Ms. Kelley 

  • Meets every other Wednesday from 2:36-3:30 in room 602 starting September 18th. There may be times during the year where a date is changed, but any changes will be noted in the morning announcements. 
  • This is a club where students come together to play board games, card games, chess and Magic Cards. New members are always welcome and games are provided. Magic Card decks are brought in from home and often students are willing to share with each other. Attendance is flexible.
  • Some of the available games are chess, Risk, Apples to Apples, Exploding Kittens, Jenga, Unstable Unicorns, mancala

Jazz Band

Director: Ms. Dye (Band Director)

  • Start date and meeting date TBD
  • Jazz band is open to all 7th & 8th grade ensemble (band, chorus, or orchestra) members, any instrument! We will work on jazz and other popular American music styles.


Advisor: Mr. Stameris (8 Gold)

  • Meets Thursdays from 2:45 to 3:45, in the large cafe
  • Mathcounts is a nationwide organization focused on encouraging math knowledge and education in the middle school years. Students work together to solve math puzzles and problems in the areas of number theory, geometry, algebra and probability & counting. This club is for strong math students interested in tackling tough math problems. As well as Mathcounts, students can compete in other local and on-line competitions open to all students.
  • Please note that there is an activity fee associated with participation in this club.  


Advisor: Mr. Zeese (7 Red)

  • Meets every other Tuesday from 2:45-3:45pm in Mr. Zeese’s room, room 303 beginning on September 17th
  • Learn about the beautiful art and history of Japanese paper folding.
  • Lots of opportunity for hands-on learning as you practice paper folding on your individual and group projects.

Race Matters (new to 2019-2020 school year!)

Advisor: Mrs. Lin (7 Red and 7 Green)

  • Race Matters is an 8 week after school seminar for junior high students. Through discussion, activities and videos we will explore issues related to race and racism in America. Meetings will give students a safe space to ask questions about race, learn about their own racial identities, learn how to recognize bias, and practice confronting racial injustice. If you feel confused or upset by the instances of hate and racism in the media, if you’re unsure how to tell if something is actually racist, or have ever wondered how to respond when someone makes an offensive comment, this group is for you. 
  • New sessions begin on October 10th, January 2nd and March 19th and will run for 8 Thursdays from 2:45 - 3:45. See Mrs. Lin in room 402 to sign up, or contact her at

RJ Grey Stageworks

Advisors: Mrs. Bethany Dunakin (Drama)

  • StageWorks is an organization that provides students who are interested in theatre an opportunity to produce and perform in musical and non-musical plays.
  • StageWorks prepares for the annual school musical for the first half of the year. Performances this year are December 4th-8th with audition workshops Sept. 11th and 12th and auditions Sept.18th and 19th. 
  • StageWorks presents another production in the spring, usually in May.
  • This show is either a full-length play, a scene showcase, or two one-act plays.
  • Auditions are always held for the acting roles in these shows.
  • Crews are assigned through sign-ups.
  • Rehearsals and workshops will always be held directly after school.

Select Choir  

Director: Mr. Charig (Chorus/Music Teacher)

  • Performs mostly more contemporary music
  • Meets Tuesdays in the JHS Choir Room from 2:36-3:45 after the musical is finished in mid December
  • The Select Choir does not require an audition in order to attend.
  • Select Choir will perform on the Spring Concert, in May, and also at the Empty Bowls Ice Cream Social, in June 

Ski Club

Advisors:  Ms. Licari (7 Green), Ms. Loria (8 Blue), Ms. Paone (7 Blue), Mr. Edmonds (8 Red), Ms. Nichols (7 Gold)

  • Meets for 6 Tuesdays beginning  January 7th between 3:00 and 7:45pm.
  • The ski club boards buses and travels to Wachusett Mountain for an afternoon of skiing, snowboarding and hanging out with other club members.
  • Club members either bring a dinner/snack or purchase them at the lodge.
  • There is a cost for the bus transportation and lift tickets.
  • Members can rent equipment at the mountain.
  • Members can sign up for lessons.
  • Sign ups begin in November 
  • There is a user fee associated with participation in this club
  • Contact Ms. Paone with questions

Social Action Club (new to 2019-2020 school year!)

Advisors: Ms. Mazonson (8 Gold), Ms. Walker (ASC)

  • Meets the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month from 2:45-3:30 in ASC
  • There may be times during the year where a date is changed, but any changes will be noted in the morning announcements. 
  • First meeting: Friday, September 20
  • This is a club for students who want adults and fellow students to hear their concerns about social issues. You, the students, will decide on the actions of this club. During our meetings, you will share the issues that you care about, learn about different methods of social action and decide on the best ways to take action. We will research how others respond to local, state, national, and international issues that arise throughout the year and discuss how we can become involved. We will also invite local activists to share their expertise, and encourage collaboration with students from other schools. If you’ve always wanted to have an impact, join this club!

Spanish Club

Advisor: Ms. McGovern (7 Red) 

  • Room 202, 2x monthly, on Thursdays beginning Sept 19th from 2:45 - 3:30pm
  • Spanish Club is an opportunity for students to enjoy the cultural aspects of the Spanish speaking world. We will be working on art projects, play board games, have cooking demonstrations, listen and dance to Hispanic music and celebrate Hispanic fiestas.  Students do not need to study Spanish to be part of the club as we will conduct our meetings in English. Students are welcome to join later in the year if fall sports or the musical create a schedule conflict.
  • Club Members have the opportunity to be involved with fundraisers for organizations in Spanish-speaking countries, including the “Pulsera Project”- an annual woven bracelet sale where 100% of proceeds go back to the artists in Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Speech Club

Advisor: Mr. Zeese (7 Red)

  • Informational meeting - Wednesday, September 11th at 2:45 pm in room 303
  • Meets in room 303 most Wednesdays starting September 25th at 2:45 pm
  • Students work to improve public speaking skills under the guidance of high school speech and debate team students.  Club members have the opportunity to compete against area middle schools on weekend days throughout the year.  Events include impromptu speaking, dramatic reading of prose and poetry, original oratory, demonstration, duo reading, play readings, and others.  Students need not participate in competitions in order to be in the club.  
  • An activity fee is required for club participation. The fee is $65 and covers two tournament entry fees. Spots are limited on a first come, first serve basis.

Team Trivia Contest

Advisors: Mr. Balulescu, Ms. Vacca

  • Annual event scheduled each year in late March on a single afternoon after school
  • Up to 28 teams of 3-5 students each compete in a trivia contest featuring questions about geography, current events, history, literature, popular culture, science, and more!
  • Information will be shared over the morning announcements starting in the second or third week of March
  • Members of the winning team will have their end-of-the-year field trip expenses paid for by the school 


Advisor: Mr. Lewis

  • Meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month in room #313 from 2:45-3:45pm
  • Smaller groups of students, working on specific assignments, will meet with Mr. Lewis at other mutually agreed upon times during the week.
  • The R.J. Grey yearbook staff is a yearlong group whose members help to create the R.J. Grey yearbook. Students will take photographs, design yearbook pages, help with interviews, surveys, caption writing, and advertisement sales.
  • Students interested in photography and design are encouraged to participate.


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