Private School Applications

Updated Private School Packets 
will be available in the 8th Grade Office on Thursday, November 1st.
Should you decide to apply to private school during your time at RJ Grey, this information will assist you in the process. Please follow the procedures that are outlined carefully so that all deadlines can be met.

You can download, read, and fill out the appropriate information listed below or pick up a packet in the Counseling (8th Grade) Office
R.J. Grey Private School Application Instructions
Student Application Form:
  • Please complete the candidate/family portion of the application(s) provided to you from your chosen private school(s).
  • The completed application(s) must be submitted directly by the student to the private school(s) or online system, along with the appropriate fees.
Counseling Office Submissions:
The following items need to be returned to Mrs. Jarostchuk in the RJ Grey Counseling office at least 20 school days (4 weeks) prior to the private school deadline in order for this deadline to be met:
  • Consent for Release of Student Records: Complete one form for each private school to which you are applying.  More forms are available in the Counseling (7th Grade) Office .
  • Private School Tracking Form: You will find this form attached to the inside of the private school packet folder. .
  • Activity/Employment Form: Included in the packet, this form is completed by student. Please list all of your extra curricular activities, clubs to which you belong, volunteer work you have done or jobs you  have held. You can add any other information you would like your counselor to know about you. This information will be used by your counselor in writing their recommendation for you.
  • Private School Report Form(s) or Common Application School Report Form provided to you by your private school(s): To be completed by your counselor.   If the private school has an online system for submitting information, be sure you have provided the correct counselor and contact information to the school.
  • Transcripts will be sent to each school by the Registrar.  If you are using an online system for your applications, include Mrs. Jarostchuk's contact information ( for the transcript request.
  • Two first class stamps for each private school. Do not attach them to envelopes.
Teacher Recommendations: 
  • The private school(s) will indicate the Teacher Recommendations they require.
  • Students should speak directly with those RJ Grey teacher(s), at least 20 school days (4 weeks) in advance of the private school’s deadline, to confirm that he/she would be willing to write the recommendation for them.  Be sure to determine if the teacher will be mailing the recommendation, or using an online system.  
  • Give your teacher(s) the appropriate forms along with a postage paid/stamped, addressed envelope for each private school OR the proper online link/instructions for each private school.
Meeting with Counselor:
  • Your counselor will schedule an appointment to meet with you to review your application folder. 
  • On the day of your appointment a Counseling Office pass will be sent to you during homeroom.
  • If you have any further questions or concerns you can come to the Counseling (8th Grade) office anytime and speak with Mrs. Jarostchuk or your counselor.
Application Results:
  • Please contact Mrs. Jarostchuk in the 8th Grade Counseling office if you have been accepted or wait-listed. Parents should inform the counseling department in writing of your status.  Your second trimester and final report card will then be sent to the school.
  • Final transcripts will then be forwarded to the receiving school by the Counseling Office.

Counseling Office Contact Info:
Jon Duclos   8 Red & 8 Gold
978-264-4700 x ext. 3331   or

Caroline O’Brien   8 Green & 8 Blue
978-264-4700 x ext. 3334    or
Michelle Van Vleck   7 Blue & 7 Gold
978-264-4700 ext. 3305    or
Katelyn McGowan  7 Green & 7 Red
978-264-4700 ext. 3332     or
Lena Jarostchuk  Registrar 
978-264-4700 ext. 3330    or
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