Reading Class FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions about reading class at RJ Grey. Please feel free to contact me - I am happy to answer your questions and talk with you about your child.
  1. What do students do in reading class at RJ Grey?
    In reading class, we use a variety of current, high-interest readings to learn and practice valuable reading skills and strategies that students will need for academic success. We also use educational games and high-quality iPad apps to reinforce what students are learning. Students keep journals with reflections, responses to their reading, vocabulary learned in context, comprehension strategy mini-notes, book recommendations, and much more. We also work on fluency, phonics, and spelling.
  2. How many students are in a reading class?
    Generally there are about 4 - 6 students per reading class. We do many of our learning activities together as a whole group; other activities are designed for each student's individual areas of need.
  3. How often does reading class meet?
    Reading class is a year-long course which meets every other day for a full period (about 50 minutes).
  4. Is my son or daughter pulled from a regular class to attend reading class?
    Reading is scheduled as a separate class. Students are NEVER pulled from another class for reading class.
  5. What do students miss if they attend reading class?
    If a student attends reading class during Grey Block, this would be in place of band, chorus, study hall, or drama. If a student attends reading class during an Exploratory period, he or she would take two Exploratory classes instead of four over the course of the school year. Exploratory classes are Art, Music, Minuteman Tech, and Study Skills.
  6. How does reading class help my child?
    7th and 8th grade students experience a demanding curriculum and a heavy workload. Students must have good reading comprehension skills to understand and keep up with the complex reading required in their science, social studies, English, and math classes. The strategies students learn in reading class will serve them well throughout their junior high, high school, & college years -- as well as in work and in life!
  7. Can my child still take band, chorus, or drama if he/she attends reading class?
    Yes! Band, chorus and drama meet during Grey Block, so students would attend reading class during an Exploratory period.
  8. Can my child still take a foreign language if he or she attends reading class?
    Yes! French and Spanish are academic classes and there is no scheduling conflict whatsoever. In the past, all students who have taken reading class have also taken French or Spanish.
  9. How can I learn more about reading class at RJ Grey?
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have:
Joan Celebi, Reading Specialist
RJ Grey Junior High School
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