8th Grade Grey Block Choices

2024-25 8th Grade Grey Block Course Descriptions


8th Grade Grey Block: YEAR-LONG COURSES


Course Description


Band is an elective open to any student interested in performing exciting music with their peers. It is recommended but *not* required that students have prior experience on a band instrument (woodwind, brass, or percussion). If you’ve taken band in elementary school or 7th grade, we encourage you to continue your musical journey with many performance opportunities.


Chorus is an elective open to all interested students. It will provide the opportunity to perform vocal music in a variety of styles and genres. Students will learn ways to improve their vocal technique and gain confidence as a performer. The class is designed to provide an authentic choral experience for students of all ability levels. No prior experience is necessary.

String Orchestra

String Orchestra is an elective open to musicians who play violin, viola, cello, or bass and are interested in performing with their peers. Orchestral playing offers valuable experience in teamwork as well as opportunities to develop individual skills and prepare for high school orchestra.



Course Description

Art Lab

This class gives students a chance to explore a wide variety of art materials. Students can choose to follow their own artistic passions, or explore some more guided projects provided. Some materials are unique to the art lab and are different from those provided in 7th and 8th grade art. Options may include clay, mosaics, fuse beads, alcohol inks and more.

Competitive Engineering

Students will develop skills to solve problems where students will test their solutions in a score-based system. Competitions will be based on the problem presented and can range from the fastest vehicle to the longest time in flight.

Design Challenge

Students will develop skills to solve problems using the engineering design process. Challenges will ask students to use different strategies to find and implement the best solution to solve a problem. Projects are all based on a competitive environment.

Digital Design

What makes a design pop? What fonts, colors, images, spacing and background work together to promote an eye-catching design that grabs a consumers’ attention to want to know more? Students will use Chrome Canvas, Canva and Pixir to get an in-depth view of aesthetic designs. Students will kindly critique each other's designs to help enhance the final ‘look’. Students must be willing to revisit and improve their designs based on feedback.

Digital Lab

This elective will explore a variety of topics including, but not limited to: robotics, coding, movie-making/green screens, animation, video game design, and more. Much of the class will be self-guided learning with teacher support.

Fiber Arts

Join us in Fiber Arts for a deep dive into all things fibers! In the world of art, yarn, fabric, paper, and string all qualify as materials in the medium of fibers. In class we will work on individual and collaborative projects while learning the basics of creating with this medium. You will learn how to properly use tools associated with fibers and build the endurance necessary to complete fantastic projects that will dazzle and impress others. Join us with an open mind and ready hands to make some unique fiber art fun.

Handmade Arts

This course will focus on creating handcrafted, decorative projects such as ornaments, boxes, and serving boards, primarily composed of wood, metal, acrylic or fabric. Students will use small tools, paint, and dye to customize their creations. Projects differ between 7th and 8th grade.


Students will learn different aspects of theatrical design and production and have the opportunity to design, create and decorate props and set pieces for different plays including RJ Grey’s StageWorks productions.

Phys Ed

All students in the Elective Rotation will be scheduled for PE as one of their Grey Block Electives. If you are interested in a second quarter of PE, please choose “Additional PE class” as one of your top 5 classes when you register.

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