First Lines

From AdLit.Org:

"First Lines is a strategy in which students read the beginning sentences from assigned readings and make predictions about the content of what they're about to read. This pre-reading technique helps students focus their attention on what they can tell from the first lines of a story, play, poem, or other text. As students read the text in its entirety they can discuss, revisit and/or revise their original predictions."

This strategy can be used as a quick warm-up or attention-grabber; or it can be stretched out to become an entire lesson. Students can read the beginning sentence(s) of an assigned reading, or the beginning sentences of each section or paragraph in the reading. It's a great way to get students thinking about what they are about to read. After students read their first lines, ask them what they think they will learn from the reading, and check in the next day to see if their predictions were correct! Making predictions, and later revisiting/revising those predictions, is a highly effective reading comprehension strategy. First Lines is a flexible activity that can be adapted to any time frame and any subject!

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