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At the fundamental core of the R.J. Grey experience is the commitment to teaming.  Students are divided into smaller learning communities called teams.  Team teachers share the same group of students and follow a common schedule.  This shared schedule provides team teachers with common meeting time when teachers can talk about the academic, developmental, and social needs of their shared students, helping them to address individual needs effectively.


As R.J. Grey staff are committed to supporting your child across settings, communication is paramount. The staff and administration of RJG hope this guide will be an immediate resource for answering parent/guardian questions and connecting with appropriate school personnel.


Home-School Communication


What is a team meeting?

A team meeting is an opportunity for parents/guardians to meet with their child’s team teachers, counselor, and/or special educator during the school day.  Team meetings provide approximately 20 minutes to ask questions and to discuss areas of concern and strategies for improvement.  Each team reserves specific times during the school day for team meetings each week. Team meetings will be offered as virtual Zoom meetings, or in-person meetings this year.


I would like to schedule a team meeting/conference so that I can meet with all of my child’s teachers at the same time.

Please call the Counseling Office at (978) 264-4700 ext: 3330 or email our Counseling secretary (Christine Hanley) at [email protected].


My child doesn't understand the reason for a grade and wants to know what he/she could do to improve next time.

It is always recommended that the student begin by speaking directly to the specific subject area teacher.  School staff encourages self-advocacy as part of the learning process.  If concerns still exist, you may also choose to email or call the specific subject area teacher directly.


I am concerned with a grade/comment on my child’s report card and/or assignment. 

You will need to speak with your child’s specific teacher(s).  Should you have continuing concerns, please direct those questions and/or concerns to your child’s school counselor.


When I send an email to my child’s teachers, when should I expect to hear back from them?

While classroom teachers, school counselors, and specialists are not routinely at their desks, all staff follows school procedures and respond to email communication within one school day. Your email may be referred to the most appropriate person able to respond to your question or concern.  An email may receive a phone response, rather than a written response.


My child is a regular education student and I’m concerned about my child’s progress and performance in a specific class.  With whom do I speak?

It is best to address your questions and concerns by speaking directly with the specific subject area teacher instructing the class. You can call and leave a message on a teacher’s voice mail or send an email.  Teachers will respond within 24 hours.


If I am sending an email to one of my child’s teachers, should I write to all of them?  Should I copy anyone?

You do not need to write to all teachers regarding a particular subject area as team teachers regularly share important information regarding their students.  Depending on the nature of your concern, it may be helpful to copy your child’s school counselor as a point of information.


How do I obtain information regarding sports schedules?

General information about tryouts and participation requirements can be found on the RJG website under the Student/Athletics tab:

I want to contribute to the RJG in some way.  What are some things I can do to be involved and support the school’s efforts?

Please contact the Acton Boxborough Regional Parent Teacher Student Association at


Because of the Criminal Offender Record Information statute, the Acton-Boxborough Regional School District requires new CORI certification for all volunteers.  Please contact  the Main Office at: [email protected] with any questions regarding this process and/or the status of your submission.


Attendance Issues

We, at R.J. Grey, are committed to providing a learning environment where all students have the opportunity to achieve and benefit from their classroom experiences. Daily student attendance is an essential component of the learning process.


What if my child is tardy?

Students who arrive during or after homeroom must check in at the Main Office.  If your child will arrive after 8:00AM, please email [email protected] or call the office attendance line or the Main Office.  For further questions regarding our attendance policy, please refer to the RJG Student Handbook, which is available on our website.


What if I need to dismiss my child from school during the school day?

Please email the Main Office at [email protected] or give your child a signed note authorizing your child’s dismissal and stating the time you wish to dismiss your child.  Ask your child to bring the note to the Main Office before the start of the day.  Your child will be given a pass to leave class at the requested time and then is expected to check out in the Main Office before meeting a parent in the front circle or the lower parking lot.  For dismissals after 2:00PM, please meet your child in the lower parking lot only as the front circle is reserved for buses for the remainder of the school day.  


My child may be out of school for 1-3 days.  Whom do I tell?

The Main Office should be notified by calling the RJG absence line (978) 264-4700, ext: 3333 (3:30PM-7:30AM).   Between 7:30AM and 3:30PM, please call ext: 3304


During my child’s absence from school, I’d like to collect my child’s assignments for a specific class.  Whom do I ask?

For absences of 3 days or less, students should see their teachers upon their return regarding work to be made up, etc. Your child will likely be able to see assignments and other materials through their Google Classroom account.


My child will be out of school for a prolonged period of time (3+ days).  Whom do I inform?  Is ongoing communication helpful? 

In addition to notifying the Main Office, please notify your child’s school counselor of any prolonged absences as he/she will coordinate with classroom teachers regarding work to be completed, updates, etc. Communicating with your child’s school counselor will ensure optimal coordination of information as counselors and teachers will talk together on a “need to know basis”.


My child will be out of school for a prolonged family vacation.  How does he/she make up the missed work?

In general, family vacations outside of the school calendar are not recommended. While recognizing that vacation experiences may offer a student valuable learning opportunities, the staff believe that classroom instruction, class discussions, and class activities are most valuable and cannot be replicated. Missing school, even for a few days, can be hard on your child.  When a student leaves for a vacation not scheduled during a school vacation week, students will be responsible for seeing their teachers after they return and teachers will provide missed assignments. While teachers will provide students with a reasonable period of time to gather and complete the missed assignments, grades can be affected by absences. 


Can my child access information regarding class assignments on the web?

Many teachers maintain a website and/or Google Classroom where they post long term-projects.  This information can be found on our school website:


Please note that these web pages may not be updated regularly, so students should continue to monitor the assignment schedule as written in each classroom for daily assignments and possible changes.


Student Records


How do I get a copy of my child’s transcript?  What if I need other information from my child’s student record?

Please call the Counseling Office at (978) 264-4700 ext: 3330.


I need another copy of my child’s report card.

Please call the Counseling Office at (978) 264-4700 ext: 3330.


I need another copy of my child’s MCAS scores.

Please call the Counseling Office at (978) 264-4700 ext: 3330.


Counseling and Special Education


I need some general advice and consultation about a private family issue that may impact my child’s day.  What do I do?

Your child’s school counselor will guide you as to whether or not a team meeting with your child’s teachers makes sense or whether the school counselor will communicate with the teachers on a “need to know” basis.


My child receives special education services, and I’m concerned about my child’s progress and performance. 

Your child’s special education teacher will talk with you and then make a recommendation as to whether a meeting with your child’s team teachers and/or scheduling a special education Team meeting makes sense. You have the right to request a special education Team Meeting at any time as well.  If a formal Team Meeting is planned, your child’s school counselor will be in attendance.  Should you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s social/emotional well being, please feel free to contact your child’s counselor.


I would like to better understand special education regulations pertaining to evaluating students who may be having difficulty in school.

Please contact your child’s school counselor.  You may also wish to speak directly with Maureen Lin, Education Team Leader at the Junior High at [email protected] 


Health and Nursing


My child requires crutches or special assistance due to a broken arm/hand/leg.

Please call the school nurse at (978) 264-4700 ext: 3318 or the Counseling Office at (978) 264-4700 ext: 3330.


My child has a medical condition where updates are needed.  Who do I inform?

Please inform the nurse and/or your child’s school counselor.  Be assured that the nurse and the school counselor will coordinate all important information and meet with your child’s team teachers.


Student Discipline


If my child violates a school rule, will I be informed? 

RJG staff and administrators work together to teach students the principles of responsibility and self-advocacy.   Recognizing that all students make mistakes along the way to independence, teachers generally interact directly with students regarding small incidents that stray from the school’s behavioral expectations.  Such incidents may result in a private conversation, a warning, or a small consequence such as a lunch detention.


When a pattern of behavior is identified, and/or if the behaviors are significant enough to warrant a referral to the Main Office, you will be contacted by the classroom teacher and/or the Assistant Principal regarding the behavior and any consequence that may be applied.


If I disagree with the consequence imposed, what happens?  With whom do I speak? 

RJG strives to work in partnership with parents and guardians to provide all students with a successful and safe educational experience.  Should you have a concern regarding an incident in school, please talk with the teacher and/or administrator directly involved. 


Transportation Issues


I have questions regarding my child’s bus route and schedule.  Who should I contact?

For all scheduling and bus route issues, please contact the Transportation Office at (978) 264-4700 ext: 17501.


How do I report a behavioral problem on my child’s bus?

Please contact your child’s Assistant Principal.


Can  my child ride a different bus to a friend’s house after school?

In general, the buses are full and do not have available space for additional students.  Should there be an extenuating circumstance, please contact the Main Office with at least 24 hours notice so that your request can be considered.

Is there a Late Bus? 

Yes! The District now offers a Late Bus service for Junior High and High School students.  The Late Bus arrives at the Junior High at 4:30 pm, and then makes a stop at the High School.  There are currently two Late Bus routes that travel through Acton and Boxborough. 

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