Morning Drop-Off Routines

Morning Drop-Off Procedures at RJ Grey

August 2023

Our priority is student safety and well-being at all times, so please read our instructions on how to enter and exit our campus during morning drop-off.  We have lots of cars moving around campus each morning, so your patience is very much appreciated. Please note that the information below is specifically in regards to the time period between 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM, from Monday through Friday. 

If and when it’s an option, we strongly recommend utilizing the District’s bus service as this will guarantee that your child arrives at school on time. If you have questions about transportation, please see our Transportation Office’s website.

Morning Drop-off and Building Access

  • Students will be allowed to enter RJ Grey beginning at 7:35 am each day.

  • Please do not drop off your child before this time as they will have to wait outside our building.


  • Our buses enter campus from the entrance nearest Prospect Street. Buses then unload students in our front circle. Cars will not be able to enter our campus via the entrance nearest Prospect Street.

  • Families are only permitted to drop off their child in the lower parking lot in front of the Junior High School. Please do not drop off your children in any other parking lot at our school - those are reserved for staff parking. And please refrain from letting your child out of your car on Charter Road and on Mass Ave (Rte 111) - doing so creates a real safety concern for students and drivers. 

  • Please enter our campus by using Charter Road, following the red line in the picture below.

  • From Charter Road, you will enter our lower parking lot/drop off area at the green star labeled on the map below. Follow the dotted green line and proceed as far forward as you are able. A staff member will let you know when to have your child exit the vehicle. We want to move as many cars as possible into our parking lot in order to lighten traffic on Charter Road. Your child will enter RJG by climbing the stairs from the parking lot - thank you for not immediately stopping at the bottom of the stairs to let your child out of the car if you still have room to pull forward.

  • Until 7:50, cars will exit our campus via Charter Road. After 7:50, when the buses have cleared, cars may turn right after leaving our parking lot to then exit the campus nearest Prospect Street.

Morning Drop-off 

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