Listenwise Selections

Did you know that listening skills and reading skills have a lot in common?
Listen to these engaging stories from National Public Radio, chosen for junior high and high school students by Listenwise, an educational organization devoted to helping students build their listening skills.

PB&J in NBA Locker Rooms
The Challenges of Creating a Recyclable K-Cup
Debate: Should We Make Changes to Human DNA?
Record Breaking Trip in Space
Debate: Should All Websites Be Treated Equally?
The Cost of Presidential Travel
Debate: Will the Circus Survive?
Debate: Should the Government Be Able to Access a Criminal's Phone?
Why Frog Tongues are So Sticky

Schools Reopening in Iraq
Melania Trump: a New Style of First Lady
Eating Together Helps People Agree
On This German Island, the Breakers Bring Gifts Ashore: Thousands of Toys
How Social Media Can Help Save More Abandoned Dogs and Cats
Why Woolly Mammoths Have Thick Furry Coats
Why the U.S. Calls Its Leader President
Changing Ecosystem Threatens Florida's Manatees
Self Driving Trucks Could Rule the Highways
Dogs Can Process Words and Meaning
Does Social Media Affect Your Behavior?
Do We Need Pennies?
Screen-Free For A Day, Teens Try Life Without Phones
High Schoolers And Snooze Buttons: A Public Health Crisis?
Animal Rights Group Loses Copyright Suit Over Monkey Selfies
NPR's My Big Break Series
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