7th to 8th Registration

Important Dates:

Wed, March 20: Mr. Marcotte shares Registration Info with all 7th grade families

Thurs, March 21: Parent Portal opens at 8 am

Thurs, March 28: Parent Portal closes for course registration and Math Overrides

Thurs, April 4: Family Information Form Due

Important Links:

Power School Parent Portal

Registration Worksheet

Math Frequently Asked Questions

Math Success Indicators

Grey Block Course Descriptions

Family Information Form

March 20, 2024

Dear 7th Grade Parent/Guardian: 

We are beginning the scheduling and registration process for the 2024-2025 school year where your child will be an 8th grade student at RJ Grey. We will continue to use the Parent Portal to complete the registration process. The instructions for how to complete the online registration process are found on the “RJ Grey JHS Registration Worksheet”. Please note that families must complete the course registration on the Parent Portal by March 28, 2024.

As you are likely aware, there are two budgets being developed for the 24-25 school year for the District. We have made scheduling plans based on both the A and B budgets. The operations and scheduling for next year will depend on the outcomes of a ballot vote in Acton and Town Meetings in both towns. In the sections below, I will elaborate where there is a change in practice based on budget needs.

Students will automatically be enrolled in most 8th grade courses (English, Science, Social Studies, Exploratory, etc.). Current 7th grade math teachers have made a recommendation for which math class your child will take in 8th grade. Our math department has developed a set of Frequently Asked Questions about Math levels in grade 8. Through the Parent Portal, families will be able to view the math level recommendation that their child’s current math teacher has made for next year (Math Fundamentals, 8th Grade Math, or Algebra I). If you wish to override the math level recommendation made by the teacher, please follow the instructions on the Math Form in the Parent Portal. Prior to requesting an override, please be in touch with your child’s math teacher to understand why they made a particular recommendation and review the Math Success Indicators document here. Please submit the Math Form in the Parent Portal by March 28th.   

Students have some choice about their schedule as it relates to Grey Block preferences. All students have Grey Block every other day and this is when students participate in either a full-year music elective (Band, Chorus, or String Orchestra) or the Grey Block Elective Rotation. Students who select Band, Chorus or String Orchestra are guaranteed a space in the program they select and they will be assigned to this course next year. 

For students who choose the Grey Block Elective Rotation, they will participate in a rotation of classes where they have a different elective during each quarter (approximately 21-23 class meetings). All students enrolled in the Grey Block Elective Rotation will take one quarter of a Phys Ed-based class during Grey Block. As a result of reducing one PE position in our A and B budgets, students will have slightly fewer PE class meetings during their team-based PE/Health block. In order to supplement the lost classes, we will schedule students into a Grey Block PE class in order to make sure our students have greater opportunity to be active during the year. 

Students who opt for the Elective Rotation will be asked to indicate their preferences in categories of Grey Block courses available for next year, in addition to one quarter of a Phys Ed-based class. Our hope is that with four quarters in the year, we will have the opportunity to schedule students into at least one of their more preferred choices. That goal notwithstanding, students need to be prepared for the likelihood that at some point in the year they will be enrolled in an elective that was lower on their list of preferences. We view the Grey Block electives as an opportunity for students to experience something in a low-stakes and short-term setting. For this, and other logistical reasons, please know that we cannot accommodate student/family requests for changes to elective assignments before or during the school year. We ask parents/guardians to join us in reinforcing this important message to our students. A full description of the music electives and the Elective Rotation options is located here

Finally, please also note: 

Students currently enrolled in a Novice I World Language course will continue to be scheduled into the Novice II course for that language. 

Families of students who are scheduled to be in the ASC or Reading will hear directly from their current teachers about their recommendations for next year. Services delivered through an IEP will be added to a student’s schedule later this spring. 

The team placement process will continue to focus on creating teams that strive for balance and diversity in areas such as gender, math placement, World Language, and scheduling specific services that may be part of a student’s daily schedule. Depending on which budget is approved, we could have either 8 teams (Budget A) or 7 teams (Budget B). We are not able to accept team placement requests from families. We understand that at times there may be information worth considering during the placement process and if that applies to your student, you may complete the online Family Information FormThis online form must be completed by April 4, 2024. 

Thank you for working with your child on completing the registration process by March 28, 2024. If you have questions about your child’s course registration, please contact your child’s current counselor: Mr. Duclos for 7 Gold and 7 Red, and Ms. Eagle for 7 Blue and 7 Green. 


James Marcotte


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